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A Smart Elevator Solution maintenance evaluations


Scope of services provided with a full maintenance evaluation

Contract review – During our evaluation, we review the contract to determine which deficiencies that were found are covered in the maintenance contract or as billable repairs. We also can assist in writing new contracts that are more favorable to the conveyance owner.

Equipment evaluation – We provide a determination and report of longevity and reliability of the existing              equipment. We provide a full list of any repairs needed that are covered by the contract, plus repairs that are not covered.

Maintenance evaluation – We turn over every stone and look at every nut and bolt to ensure proper maintenance of valuable equipment is being performed. Proper maintenance over a period of time can add decades to the life of an elevator. We have seen units last anywhere from 10 years with poor maintenance to 60 years with proper maintenance.

“In need of repair” list – We provide a list of repairs to you and the contractor separately as they do not need to see deficiencies not covered by the contractor. We then allow for a period of time for the deficiencies to be eliminated and do a follow up evaluation to ensure all items have truly been resolved.

Maintenance Control Program Checklist – With Colorado now adopting A17.1 2013, the MCP checklist provides a guide to ensuring the elevators are compliant with this part of the code.