A Smart Elevator Solution

Your consultants and licensed inspectors providing expertise in all things conveyance related

Our goal since beginning our company has always been to provide a quality of service above our competition. We know you have many choices in who you choose to perform you required elevator inspections as well as your consulting needs.

We believe that the way we make money and grow our business should come from the confidence our customers have in us, and the word of mouth to follow. Our number one goal is to serve and protect our customers interests above all else.

A17 Elevator inspections believed in the same practice, which is why we are proud to represent the customers included with A17's base. We will continue to provide the level of service demanded by the needs of our customers as well as our new customers.

If you are currently a customer of A Smart Elevator Solution, you will not see any change in the time going forward. However, if you are currently a customer of A17 Elevator Inspections, there will be a limited amount of changes you will see.

1. We now provide more inspectors to be better able to serve the times and dates that you may need so that your business in not impacted.

2. The invoicing will now come through A Smart Elevator Solution. We will send all new customers a W-9 and if a certificate of insurance is needed, we will be happy to provide.

3. We serve all areas of Colorado. Our inspectors/Consultants are located in the mountains along the I-70 corridor, south in Littleton and north in Westminster. This allows us to cover the western slope, northern Colorado up to and including Wyoming, Castle Rock and further south areas.

If there are any questions or concerns about the time going forward, please feel free to contact any of us at any time. We are here to help!