What do we provide as a modernization consultant?

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Specification Writing: We will tailor a specification that specifically meets the needs of your building and equipment. We come to the property, take measurements, perform ride quality analysis, evaluate traffic patterns and anything else we need to ensure the final product is right for you.
 Award of Bids: After working with you on deciding needs, we then send the specification to various elevator companies and set a date for a walk through of the job so everyone is bidding "apples to apples". Once we receive all the bids, we will review each companies packages, alternates, exceptions and price. We also work with the elevator companies to get the cost down as low as possible. This process has the potential of saving up to $100,000 than if a customer were to go straight to an elevator contractor. Once price and scope of work is agreed upon, we award the bid to the winner. All you have to do is sign the paperwork, but are as informed as if you were to do all the work yourself!
 Contract Review: If requested, we will also write a maintenance contract that ensures you are protecting your investment. This is useful in achieving an overall lower price on the modernization itself. Our maintenance contract can be as loose or stiff as you decide. We always work for the best interest and satisfaction of our customers.
 Project Management: Performing a modernization can be very disruptive to your building. It can also get out of control quickly without the knowledge of what is happening in the building. We will routinely make site visits during the process to ensure the contractor is respecting your facility, and also to ensure quality work is being performed where you might not be able to see.
 Quality Check: When the project is complete, we will perform a final walk and look at all of the work that was performed. Should there be deficiencies that require attention, we inform you and ensure the contractor completes or resolves the deficiencies until you are satisfied and the quality of the installation is where it should be.